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So, I was skimming through the local news and I noticed my brother was on there (Article. He's William Vanover). I haven's spoken to him since I was five. He's my half-brother. I have two of them. See? Bet you never knew that.

My brothers were 4 and 5 when I was born. They were my dad's kids with his ex-wife (I think she was his wife). They were involved in drugs and alcohol heavily. My dad left her and got with my mother and mother changed his life. Made his two sons their top priority and genuinely loved one another. THEN CAME ME! He died when my mom was three months pregnant of a brain aneurysm...I think. I'm not entirely sure though. So when she had me, there was this big thing that I wasn't really his (mostly caused by his asshole of a mother) and all this other shit. So I had a DNA text when I was just birffed from my grandfather (who was my only real tie to him besides his sisters) and it proved that I was in fact an Era. Their mother was ALWAYS trouble and my mom raised the boys for most of their young childhood. So one day, she just up and takes them with her boyfriend, who was just as bad as her. She brainwashed Billy (who is the one who looks most like me) that he really wasn't an Era and was really her boyfriend's kid because his name is Billy too. Tony remembers my dad. He's named after him. I heard he has a kid, so...I'm a real aunt and not just an aunt to a not-really aunt.

Sooooooooo. It was a big shock to see him in the paper for anything but being say the least.
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Yesterday, my lips were suddenly swollen and numb. I noticed a sudden thing on my elbow, it almost looked as if I was bitten by a bunch of mosquitoes. The elbow thing went away after a few hours, thankfully. The swelling of my lips went down for the most part.

Today, I noticed the same outbreak starting on my neck. It's since spread to some of my face and my chest. There are spots on the undersides of both my knees and the tops of my calves. Itches like fuck.

It all started after I had tacos from Taco Bell. I never get them and I don't know what made me have them yesterday, but I'm paying the price so to speak. Last week it was food poisoning from Wawa and this week it's something from fucking Taco Bell. I can't catch a fucking break. I don't know if it is their lettuce (which they had shit in...literally...before) or if it was something in the meat or cheese. I tried taking all the lettuce off, because I think lettuce is a waste of space and time, so I don't think its that. It's either the meat, cheese, or the wrap it was put in. Soft shell if you're wondering.

As I've typed this, the thing has moved onto my face more and over to my right arm. Nearly the entire left side is red and covered in bumps though. Just bumps. I don't get it.
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You know when you think people are your friend and they go out of their way to ignore you or otherwise do something you said you wanted to do long before they even knew about it. Yeah, well that keeps happening with me and someone I considered a close friend until not very long ago. And it really bothered me to say the very least. We used to exchange Christmas gifts and all sorts of things and then all of a sudden she isn't inviting me to anything or texting or calling like we usually did. I didn't do a damn thing to get on her shit list and I think that's why it bothers me so.

I did have an amazing time with my real friends this Saturday. I've never felt that good and we had a great time. Really cheered me up.

It seems everything is making me emotional again. My medicines have been failing me lately. I did gain two new ones today while at the doctor's though and he gave me a breathing treatment for the asthma which didn't exactly thrill me because every time I have it, it just seems to take a lot out of me and it shouldn't by any means, but it's always been that way. My lung capacity isn't what it used to be that's for sure. I have to get blood work done as well. That's going to be a pain in the ass, though, I did want to donate blood because it's like a detox for me. Maybe I should invest in some medical leeches. MAYBE.
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Via [community profile] vestiges who is totally too awesome for words. Go check their stuff out. Now I need to fix up my profile. So. Idk. I'll have to wait.
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So I'm slowly becoming a YouTube star. Hardly, but wouldn't that totally be cool?!

"Hey, I knew that girl before she was best friends with Michael Buckley and Fred and ShayCarl!"

So follow me over there. My YouTube name is TheHeatherEra. So follow...PLEASE.
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I have been severely neglecting this journal, but sooner or later, I'll keep it up.

Life is life. I've been writing and creating and sooner or later I'll add things over there as well. There will be a lot of cross posting from the LJ, but sooner or later there will be new things there.
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So nothing is different now. I'm so like bored and shit. I'm trying to upload pictures on Facebook, but it's not working and IDK why. Pain in the ass Facebook.

I have a headache. blah.
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Uterus is killing me. I don't like this.
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So yesterday I didn't have to do all the running I thought I was going to have to do. I only went to Old Navy, Payless, and got a Pedicure and brow wax. Maya was a complete angel during it all, as she usually is (sike). But really she was fantastic the whole time. I think because it wore her out so she was kind of tired in there.

My toenails are black, like I like them, my brows aren't forests above my eyes. :D I did want to color my hair, but I didn't get around to it.

Sandy's surprise party today, Memorial Day party tomorrow. Same people at both. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?!
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New, even more sophisticated layout than before. I feels like a grown up now. lmao. Though I dig the colors, I usually like something with a tinge of dark and the rest super bright and neon. IDK. I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Most of this is probably going to be a x-posting (probably a little editing to protect the innocent) from my LJ for right now. Anyway, here it is.

Okay so, we went to this place today to get Maya shoes. It was a new place than we usually go and they had really great shoes there and it was super classy. I loved it. It was called Olly and it's usually in NJ and PA and NY and whatevers and this is their first DE store. Anyway so they asked if Maya modeled and asked if I'd be interested in having her picture taken for the store and their Delaware branch Ads! How exciting is that?

So tomorrow I need to do the following...and will probably be writing it all up on the Twitter. Again only one girl tomorrow, so it will be easier...I think...
- Get a shower
- Get dressed (if I don't write it down, I could go out dirty and nude)
- Get Maya ready
- Go to Bear
- Go to Old Navy
- Go to North Wilmington
- Go get the bracelet
- Go get the girls new white sandals from Olly's
- If I find something cute at ON, I'll go to Payless up there and get something cute to match.
- Eat somewhere in all that
- Go back to the ghetto
- Get Maya's Physical form from the doctor
- Keep singing Lemmie Twitta Dat (and actually keep Twittering things). So follow the Tweet if you want.
- Um...sleep or something, I guess.

*sigh* Why can't I find a guy as goofy and fantastic as Andy Milonakis?
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Adjusted my layout to something I like. :D Love the dark with the bright bursts.

It's funny because I'm actually starting to get CSS coding. SLOWLY. Like I would run and try to do my layout right off the bat, but I'm going to keep trying to alter it.
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Just got my Dreamwidth and I'm really digging it so far. Will be pimping it out soon, I'm sure.


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