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Yesterday, my lips were suddenly swollen and numb. I noticed a sudden thing on my elbow, it almost looked as if I was bitten by a bunch of mosquitoes. The elbow thing went away after a few hours, thankfully. The swelling of my lips went down for the most part.

Today, I noticed the same outbreak starting on my neck. It's since spread to some of my face and my chest. There are spots on the undersides of both my knees and the tops of my calves. Itches like fuck.

It all started after I had tacos from Taco Bell. I never get them and I don't know what made me have them yesterday, but I'm paying the price so to speak. Last week it was food poisoning from Wawa and this week it's something from fucking Taco Bell. I can't catch a fucking break. I don't know if it is their lettuce (which they had shit in...literally...before) or if it was something in the meat or cheese. I tried taking all the lettuce off, because I think lettuce is a waste of space and time, so I don't think its that. It's either the meat, cheese, or the wrap it was put in. Soft shell if you're wondering.

As I've typed this, the thing has moved onto my face more and over to my right arm. Nearly the entire left side is red and covered in bumps though. Just bumps. I don't get it.
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