Mar. 22nd, 2010

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So, I was skimming through the local news and I noticed my brother was on there (Article. He's William Vanover). I haven's spoken to him since I was five. He's my half-brother. I have two of them. See? Bet you never knew that.

My brothers were 4 and 5 when I was born. They were my dad's kids with his ex-wife (I think she was his wife). They were involved in drugs and alcohol heavily. My dad left her and got with my mother and mother changed his life. Made his two sons their top priority and genuinely loved one another. THEN CAME ME! He died when my mom was three months pregnant of a brain aneurysm...I think. I'm not entirely sure though. So when she had me, there was this big thing that I wasn't really his (mostly caused by his asshole of a mother) and all this other shit. So I had a DNA text when I was just birffed from my grandfather (who was my only real tie to him besides his sisters) and it proved that I was in fact an Era. Their mother was ALWAYS trouble and my mom raised the boys for most of their young childhood. So one day, she just up and takes them with her boyfriend, who was just as bad as her. She brainwashed Billy (who is the one who looks most like me) that he really wasn't an Era and was really her boyfriend's kid because his name is Billy too. Tony remembers my dad. He's named after him. I heard he has a kid, so...I'm a real aunt and not just an aunt to a not-really aunt.

Sooooooooo. It was a big shock to see him in the paper for anything but being say the least.


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