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New, even more sophisticated layout than before. I feels like a grown up now. lmao. Though I dig the colors, I usually like something with a tinge of dark and the rest super bright and neon. IDK. I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Most of this is probably going to be a x-posting (probably a little editing to protect the innocent) from my LJ for right now. Anyway, here it is.

Okay so, we went to this place today to get Maya shoes. It was a new place than we usually go and they had really great shoes there and it was super classy. I loved it. It was called Olly and it's usually in NJ and PA and NY and whatevers and this is their first DE store. Anyway so they asked if Maya modeled and asked if I'd be interested in having her picture taken for the store and their Delaware branch Ads! How exciting is that?

So tomorrow I need to do the following...and will probably be writing it all up on the Twitter. Again only one girl tomorrow, so it will be easier...I think...
- Get a shower
- Get dressed (if I don't write it down, I could go out dirty and nude)
- Get Maya ready
- Go to Bear
- Go to Old Navy
- Go to North Wilmington
- Go get the bracelet
- Go get the girls new white sandals from Olly's
- If I find something cute at ON, I'll go to Payless up there and get something cute to match.
- Eat somewhere in all that
- Go back to the ghetto
- Get Maya's Physical form from the doctor
- Keep singing Lemmie Twitta Dat (and actually keep Twittering things). So follow the Tweet if you want.
- Um...sleep or something, I guess.

*sigh* Why can't I find a guy as goofy and fantastic as Andy Milonakis?
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